Study in China for Students & Scholars (SICSS)

Study in China for Students & Scholars (SICSS) 2017-05-11T20:42:15+00:00

Project Description

Study in China for Students & Scholars (SICSS) is an educational consultancy firm, which was established for the sole purpose of providing students/scholars around the world the opportunity to study in China. This client requires global market awareness and Paveer designed a Digital Marketing Campaign to reach out to the global online audience, through Social media and Programmatic ads placed strategically, around the world. Today anyone who wants to study in China can search the courses available on this site.

SICSS is also a custom developed system by Paveer whereby the UI is meticulously designed to fit more mobile and tablet screens today, hence being fully mobile responsive. SICSS has a total of 200,000 likes on Facebook and is still growing to date.